Speedflow Hand Dryers

Speedflow Sensor Operated Hand Dryers.
Material: AISI 304 stainless steel
Finish: Satin


  • Weld-free cover fixed to the base with two safety screws and lock withspecial speedflow key
  • Aluminium base. Includes silent-blocks to damp mechanical vibrations.
  • Fire resistant plastic UL 94-V0 fan scroll.
  • High-speed motor with safety thermal cut-off.The motor revolutions canbe adjusted manually by the potentiometer.
  • Aluminium centrifugal double asymmetrical inlet fan wheel.
  • Disconnects automatically after 60 seconds of continuous use.
  • Electronic infrared detection sensor. Adjustable detection by potentiometer(5- 25 cm).
  • Ultra-flat: 10 cm deep (complies with ADA regulations).
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